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 An idea...

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PostSubject: An idea...   Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:05 pm

Okay, this is probably INCREDIBLY niche (he says posting on a subculture forum), and I'm not even sure we have the number of guys necessary (unless some of you ladies wish to crossplay), but I had a rad idea of doing a Dethklok cosplay at some juncture.

For the most part it's a simple affair in terms of dress, unless you go full-hog and do make up, maybe even go for the 'Dethfashion' episode costumes (that said, PVC, leather, straps and LOTS of exposed skin).

Left to right: William Murderface (bassist), Skiwsgaar Skwigelf (lead guitars), Nathan Explosion (vocals), Pickles the Drummer, Toki Wartooth (rhythm guitar).

In terms of costume, it's as you see in the image, except (as it doesn't show there) they all wear boots, except for Pickles, who wears something like black converse/trainers and Murderface wears shorts.

Skwisgaar is the tallest, followed by Nathan, Pickles is the shortest, Toki is only slightly taller (as well as being the only one shown to be in any way muscular/in shape).

Title sequence, enjoy!!!
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An idea...
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